Chapter one, Part two

While in the water, I tried to lift both of my legs up so that the shark could not bite me.  My older brother thought this was a funny sight and laughed so hard he was having trouble breathing.  My younger brother among the two inched toward me so slowly that a sea turtle walking on the sand would have beat him in this race to save my life.  When Arye finally got to me, I clung to his neck, choking him, my legs around his hips, certain that I would be this shark’s dinner.  I was scared to death, and I told myself I would never, ever go back into the sea.

My mother did everything in her power to convince me that—from the description my brother gave—it was a sand shark and they were harmless. I love the blue water what if I will never swim again I thought to myself as I looked at it from far.  My brave, larger-than-life father came back from fishing to hear my two older brothers laughing as they told him about the incident.  My father’s words were so calming and reassuring when I received my first lesson about sharks.  “Sand sharks will not harm you,” my father said.  “This is what Mom told me, too,” I replied, yet not convinced by this theory.  There was no way that I was going to believe him.  Not on that day.

I opened my eyes as big as I could—they are big and green just like my Dad’s eyes—and I answered back, “It was going to eat me!  It touched my feet.  It wanted my feet first.”  There he went again, my brother Elan, laughing so hard—until he got The Look from my Dad.  “It will not eat you and now you will go back to the sea and swim with us,” Dad said.

More is coming soon……..

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