The Importance of Home Staging
 Nava Chernoff  

Potential buyers become interested in a property when they walk in and feel that they could live there. They imagine it as their home. 

Often sellers and real estate agents ignore the small flaws in the listed property. These physical imperfections are magnified in the eye of the potential buyer.  Regardless of the value of the house, or the size of the house, in order to sell it fast it needs to be priced right and MUST look flawless. Let your home speak to buyers.

Proper staging will emphasize your home’s strengths and minimize its weak points. You want the potential buyers to label your property as the home “with the beautiful entry” and NOT the home “with the hidden fireplace”. Stagers use designs, ideas and creativity to emphasis the beauty of the space. They arrange furniture, de-clutter, pair colors, and brightening the space. The home MUST be clean.

Home staging is well worth the investment. However, do your due diligence. If you have furniture it is probably not necessary to rent any. It will save in the cost. See if the stager provides a report of the suggestions after the initial visit. If the seller is “handy”, following the report may be sufficient when a budget is a source of stress. But do use a stager.  

Proper staging is not easy. Selling a home is stressful and costly. A good stager will make you understand the process from start to finish. You will have no surprise when the big family portrait in the living room replaced with a nature painting.  A stager’s job is to design the house for faster sale. If you live in the home while it’s on the market, follow the guidelines that he or she provides. Make sure your stager knows what you cannot live without in your every day life. They will work with YOU. 

Before open house - Make sure your Stager knows about the date and time. Often they will come back for touch-ups. DON’T ABUSE IT! Staging is demanding and not easy. Appreciate your stager if they do come for touch-up.

Facts: According to the U.S Department of Housing and Development   A staged home will sell, on average, for 17% more  than an unstaged home.

A recently conducted National Association Realtors (NAR) poll found out that 90% of potential home buyers start their property search on the internet. Staging your home increase the visibility of your property to potential buyers.

The Price is right

It is factual that demand for a property declines after the first 21 days. Therefore, overpricing your property may eliminate potential buyers who belief your home is out of their price range.

Also, don't worry about pricing is too low because homes priced below market value often will receive multiple offers, which will then drive up the price to market.


Any time is a good time to sell if you are ready for the move. Take into consideration that longer days during daylight saving time mean more hours for buyers to look at your property. Remember, after 2-3 weeks of a house on the market the interest and demand is declining. Therefore, perhaps it is not good timing to list a property on Thanksgiving!

Find your agent

As the seller, you choose the agent, and the agent works for you! You are about to ask an agent to deal with what is probably your most valuable asset. You want to know he or she is a person you can trust and with whom you are compatible. If your relative is an agent but you do not get along, he or she will not be suitable to be your agent.

Stage and Sell

According to the U.S Department of Housing and Development  a staged home will sell, on average, for 17% more than an unstaged home. And Over 81% of buyers find it "easier to visualize the property as their future home" when it's staged. *National Association of Realtors 2015 Profile of Home Staging Report

Ask your agent about staging, it can save you time and gain you profit.​

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